Our Services

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Our emphasis and investments in technology, compliance, audit, and data security provides our Clients, Regulators, and Consumers alike with the comfort that all interactions throughout the debt collection process are customer service-based, quality-controlled, and securely maintained.

Call Monitoring and Recording

With our 24/7 call recording and facility recording we are able to provide our clients with quality deliverables upon request.

Pre-Legal Collections

Our experienced staff is highly trained to provide compliant results and outstanding client needs to meet deliverables for major banks and national debt buyers.

Post-Legal Collections

In addition to pre-legal collections, we also offer post-judgment services. This allows our automated skip tracing processes and highly-trained staff to revive a non-paying account and begin delivering results back to our clients.

Skip Tracing

We have built a successful waterfall that assists our experienced staff who’s skill set is utilized in the location of parties sooner in the life cycle of an account.