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Credit card background

Retail/Bank Card

Extensive experience with bankcard/private label products allows us to apply our proprietary scoring, and data scrubbing to maximize work efforts for our clients.

 Auto Deficiencies 

Auto deficiencies has contributed to our success allowing us to utilize our skip-trace knowledge, and waterfall flow allowing us to succeed for our clients in this arena. Auto portfolios continue to contribute to our growth.


We have an experienced Team that is tailored towards this stream of business. We provide detailed reporting back to our clients, and understand the importance of the uniqueness of this type of business.


D&A Services has a dedicated staff of highly skilled HIPAA compliant specialists who produce results, and protect our clients brand name. Our service is flexible and tailored to meet your needs while providing a professional experience for your patients.

Student Loan

While this market continues to grow D&A Services has helped numerous clients enhance their collection results with our trained skilled collectors. Utilizing our advanced technology, we are able to locate and increase right party contacts that result in speaking with more customers.


With the recent economy we have seen a large volume increase in this arena. Utilizing our experienced staff’s skill sets, and tailoring training towards this market place, we have built an experienced Team to grow with the increased volumes.

DDA Overdraft

We have built an experienced Team around various Bank clients known as DDA placing Secondary, Tertiary, and older placements. It requires a unique strategy to work higher volume placements utilizing technology to maximize work efforts.


Utilizing our skip-trace automation, and customized letter strategies has been key to our success in the market place.

Skip to Collect/Skip Trace

D&A Services continues to build its relationships with vendors who provide current consumer, and commercial data as soon as it hits the airwaves. We have built a successful waterfall that assists our experienced staff who’s skill set is utilized in the location of parties sooner in the life cycle of an account.

Post Judgment

Utilizing our skip waterfall process, and our individual skip-trace efforts, we are able to locate, collect and often help clients enforce their existing judgments.

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