Our Services

At D&A Services, LLC (D&A), we take pride in the many financial services we provide to clients who have trusted us with their collection needs over the years.

D&A has helped many financial clients enhance their debt collection results with our trained collectors, efficient processes, and advanced technology. Working nationally with creditors large and small, we structure programs based on client recovery targets, the local regulatory environment and client policy guidelines.

Our staff is highly trained in the entire collection process and works in compliance with all industry guidelines and regulations.

At D&A, we have the experience of working directly with customers and refining the processes and technology we use to maximize revenue recovery for your company. Our strategic approach utilizes skip tracing and many other analytic processes, combined with the best technology available, to assist customers with repayment plans that meet their financial needs. The end result is an efficient process that makes D&A the “Right Choice for Compliant Results”