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Frequently Asked Questions

Key information about D&A Services, LLC.

What Is D&A Services?

D&A Services, LLC is a nationally licensed and bonded collection agency offering pre-charge off, early out, and third-party collection services for a variety of clients. Driven by cutting-edge technology and grounded by its dedication to compliance and a fair consumer experience, D&A delivers client-specific strategies with best-in-class results.

Is D&A Services A Collection Agency?

Yes, D&A Services, LLC is a fully compliant, nationally licensed, and bonded collection agency that connects collections, recovery, and customer communications in one complete ecosystem. D&A’s decades of experience working directly with consumers has allowed us to refine and perfect the processes and technology used to maximize revenue recovery for our clients.

Who Does D&A Services Collect For?

D&A Services offers pre-charge off, early out, and third-party collection services for clients across a variety of industry verticals including auto, small business, and commercial loans, as well as consumer credit cards, and medical debt. Our clients include major banks, finance companies, hospitals and other companies that lend money or offer services on credit.

Is D&A Services Legit?

Yes, D&A Services is a legitimate nationally licensed and bonded collection agency. Our staff is highly trained in the entire collection process and works in compliance with all industry guidelines and regulations including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). D&A’s strategic approach utilizes many analytic processes, combined with the best technology available, to assist consumers with repayment plans that meet their financial needs.

How Do I Contact D&A Services?

To contact D&A Services directly, use the following guide to make sure you call the right department. If you are a consumer looking to make a payment or have any questions about your account, please call our Des Plaines, IL headquarters at 877-314-4308. If you are a prospective client, please call our collections team at 773-902-1130 or our sales team at 312-854-2567. D&A Services has two satellite offices in Houston, TX, and St. Petersburg, FL. Please visit D&A Services’ contact page to reach our satellite offices.

D&A Services’ normal business hours are:
Monday-Thursday: 8 AM to 6 PM CST
Friday: 8 AM to 5 PM CST

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