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D&A Launches New Website with Wencel Worldwide

D&A Launches New Website with Wencel Worldwide
D&A Launches New Website with Wencel Worldwide

D&A is proud to announce the launch of their new website created with marketing partner Wencel Worldwide. The new D&A website was designed to communicate important information about how consumers can resolve their accounts as well as details about the services offered to our creditor partners.

State of the Art Technology

Our new website was developed based on WordPress platform, which enables us to create the most powerful tool possible. The site meets all of the Google Guidelines for search optimization to help us spread the word about the high-quality services we provide. Our new site uses state of the art security features to help us monitor our traffic to learn about our site visitors and to identify digital threats for proactive security management.

“We have been very excited to work with a website designer that has experience in the accounts receivable management industry” said Chief Risk Officer, Jeff Hasenmiller. “Creating digital tools for use by both consumers and our creditor partners can be tricky, and Wencel Worldwide’s experience made the whole process very simple.”

Working with Wencel Worldwide

Rob Mancuso Jr. and the Wencel Worldwide team were able to create a vision for our digital web presence using our existing marketing materials. “They were able to see where our company marketing was and create a solution that exceeded all of our expectations” said President Anthony Crews. “We look forward to continuing to work with Wencel Worldwide as our outsourced marketing department.”

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